Cloud Simulation


Does the T7 Cloud environment provide the same functionality as the normal test market?

The functionality of the offered interfaces is equal. However, there is no post-trade environment attached and no access to the various GUIs. It is designed to support our members & ISVs software development.

Do I understand it correctly, we get our “own” market and no other ISV’s/members are active there?

Correct, each customer opens its own T7 instance and you’ll have a preconfigured number of IDs to use for test trading.

Do we need to pay the rate even though we already pay for the normal test market?

Yes, as the T7 Cloud Simulation is an additional resource to the regular simulation and is non-negotiable.

How is the per hour rate controlled? Upon connect regardless of activity?

The tracker starts with the login/connect (its similar to a parking pricing scheme). There is also an automatic 4-hour logoff feature to protect you from accruing too high fees if you forget to logoff (this can be extended for two hours, within 60 minutes of an instances scheduled expiration).

Is there a known limitations list for the T7 Cloud environment?

Slide 7 of this presentation address these issues T7 Cloud Simulation - On-demand access simulation (English only) (Download, PDF, 304.62 kB). This presentation also provides a nice overview of the T7 Cloud offering.

How do we connect/access the T7 Cloud environment?

Connectivity is currently only offered via SSL or IPSEC encrypted VPN connections over the internet.

How long does it take to set up an account?

With the required documents, we can set up an account within a few days.






Störung in Teilen des Handelssystems

Technische Störung des Handelssystem

Xetra Newsboard

Das Markt-Statusfenster gibt Hinweise  zur aktuellen technischen Verfügbarkeit des Handelssystems. Es zeigt an, ob Newsboard-Mitteilungen zu aktuellen technischen Störungen im Handelssystems veröffentlicht wurden oder in Kürze veröffentlicht werden.

Wir empfehlen dringend, aufgrund der Hinweise im Markt-Statusfenster keine Entscheidungen zu treffen, sondern sich in jedem Fall auf dem Produktion Newsboard  umfassend über den Vorfall zu informieren.

Das sofortige Markt-Status Update erfordert eine aktivierte und aktuelle Java™ Software für den Web Browser.