Xetra T7 Production: REMINDER - Changes of multicast addresses and/or partitionID for some instruments due to changes in selection indices

17 Mar 2020

Xetra T7 Production: REMINDER - Changes of multicast addresses and/or partitionID for some instruments due to changes in selection indicesEffective on Monday, 23 March 2020

Deutsche Börse announced changes to its selection indices, which will become effective on 23. March 2020. Please refer to the following link for more information.

PLEASE NOTE:  As a result of these changes, the multicast addresses and/or partitionID for the affected instruments will also change e.g. Instruments to be included in the SDAX index will receive the same multicast address / partitionID as other instruments in the SDAX index. The reference data containing all the respective changes will be provided following the start of the T7 trading system for the business day Monday, 23. March 2020.

As summary of the partitionID changes is as follows:

HelloFresh SEDE000A161408SDX1MDX15558
Dialog Semiconductor PLCGB0059822006MDX1UKI05857
Godewind Immobilien AGDE000A2G8XX3GER0SDX15655

Godewind Immobilien AG

Steinhoff Internatl Hldgs N.V.NL0011375019LUX0SDX15755
Adler Real Estate AGDE0005008007GER0SDX15655
Adler Real Estate AG NEUEDE000A254W78GER0SDX15655
Adler Real Estate AG Z. UMT.JGEDE000A2888D7GER0SDX15655
Adler Real Estate AG Z. UMT.DE000A254V20GER0SDX15655
SNP Schnei.Neureith.& Partn.SEDE0007203705GER0SDX15655
SGL Carbon SEDE0007235301SDX1GER05556
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AGDE0007314007SDX1GER05556
Dr. HönleDE0005157101SDX1GER05556

In addition to the above mentioned changes, the multicast addresses and partition IDs for some instruments currently assigned to the default group on partition 59 will also be moved to a different partition and receive new multicast addresses. In general, new instruments added to the T7 production system are assigned to a default group on partition 59. This change will ensure that instruments of the same Product or Product Assignment Group (PAG) are located in the same group on the same partition.

For example, affected instruments currently located on partition 59 with the PAG = MDX1 will receive the same multicast address as other instruments with the PAG = MDX1 on the target partition (partition 58). An overview of the multicast address currently assigned to the PAGs on a particular partition can be found in the "All tradable Instruments" file on the Xetra website (www.xetra.com) under the following link:

Instruments > All tradable instruments

Allianz SE NA O.N.NEUEDE000A254VC5DAX1DAX15953
MTU Aero Engines NA NEUEDE000A254VD3DAX1DAX15950
Fresen.Med.Care O.N. NEUEDE000A254VN2DAX1DAX15952
Fresenius SE+CO. NEUE ONDE000A254WA7DAX1DAX15950
Brenntag AG NA O.N. NEUEDE000A254U88MDX1MDX15958
TAG Immobilien AG NEUEDE000A254U96MDX1MDX15958
Deutsche Wohnen SE NEUEDE000A254VB7MDX1MDX15958
Delivery Hero SE NA NEUEDE000A254W11MDX1MDX15958
Osram Licht AG NA Z.VERK.DE000LED02V0MDX1MDX15958
Encavis AG NEUE INH. O.N.DE000A254047SDX1SDX15955
Aixtron SE NA O.N. NEUEDE000A254229SDX1SDX15955
Isra Vision O.N. Z.VERK.DE000A254W60SDX1SDX15955
New Work SE  NA O.N.DE000NWRK013SDX1SDX15955

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