T7 Release 8.1 Börse Frankfurt: Focus Day Settlement – Instruments

26 Jun 2020

T7 Release 8.1 Börse Frankfurt: Focus Day Settlement – Instruments

As announced in the T7 Release 8.1 Participant Simulation Guide, the focus days “Settlement 1” and “Settlement 2” have been planned to test the settlement processing in T7 Release 8.1 Börse Frankfurt incl. Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate - Simulation.

The following instruments have been selected for executing the scenarios of the focus days:

Focus Day Settlement 1: Matching against Specialist with Bilateral Aggregation of Trades (Börse Frankfurt):

ISIN Group 1 (instruments quoted in pieces):



GB00BQQFX454 - Equity

CH0002168083 - Equity

AU000000NME3 - Equity

CNE1000004X4 - Equity

CWN5646M8403 - Warrant

ISIN Group 2 (instruments quoted in percent):

DE0007490724 - Bond

FR0012159812 - Bond

AU3FN0024543 - Bond, Currency: AUD

US931142AU74 - Bond, Currency: USD

XS1396684646 - Warrant

XS0848421680 - Warrant

XS1439441236 - Warrant

Focus Day Settlement 2: Matching against other Participants (Börse Frankfurt):

ISIN Group 3 (instruments quoted in pieces):

TH0324B10Z19 - Equity

LU0175575991 - Fund

LU0210534813 - Fund

BMG7300G1096 - Equity

ES0121975009 - Equity

ID1000058407 - Bond

TH0088010R13 - Equity

SG1U97935860 - Equity

SG1V04936067 - Equity

SE0001515552 - Equity

ISIN Group 4 (instruments quoted in percent):

CH0290172839 - ETF

US453258AP01 - Bond, Currency: USD

US40414LAJ89 - Bond, Currency: USD

CA780086KR45 - Bond, Currency: CAD

US29736RAG56 - Bond, Currency: USD

XS1267602214 - Bond, Currency: USD

USY3R559AK81 - Bond, Currency: USD

AU3SG0001571 - Bond, Currency: AUD

Please note:

  • The exact dates of the focus days are displayed in the current Simulation calendar available on www.xetra.com.
  • Holdings will be provided per settlement account. If additional holdings are required, these can be requested from the CBF Connectivity Support team (connect@clearstream.com). Furthermore, please note that sufficient liquidity is required on the DCA accounts to execute the tests successfully.

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