XFRA : ISIN Change

Release date: 22 Jul 2021

XFRA : ISIN Change

Einstellung Aufnahme
ISIN Name Einstellung mit Ablauf: ISIN Name Ab dem: Anmerkungen CBF Number
CA87875J1075 TechX Technologies Inc. 22.07.2021 CA60743X1033 TechX Technologies Inc. 23.07.2021 Tausch 1:1 7881
US0012281053 AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc. 22.07.2021 US0012285013 AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc. 23.07.2021 Tausch 3:1 7826
BMG0719V1063 Continental Aerospace Technologies Holding Ltd. 22.07.2021 BMG2381M1091 Continental Aerospace Technologies Holding Ltd. 23.07.2021 Tausch 1:1 7881
US45244C1045 Autoscope Technologies Corp. 22.07.2021 US0533061067 Autoscope Technologies Corp. 23.07.2021 Tausch 1:1 7650
CA1806341071 Claritas Pharmaceuticals Inc. 22.07.2021 CA1806342061 Claritas Pharmaceuticals Inc. 23.07.2021 Tausch 20:1 7881
CA29282R5042 Engagement Labs Inc. 22.07.2021 CA29282R7022 Engagement Labs Inc. 23.07.2021 Tausch 5:1 7827
CA9607554032 Solis Minerals Ltd. 22.07.2021 CA83423L1085 Solis Minerals Ltd. 23.07.2021 Tausch 1:1 7827
FR0010377127 Dolfines S.A. 22.07.2021 FR0014004QZ9 Dolfines S.A. 23.07.2021 Tausch 1:3 7827

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The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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