XFRA : Deletion of Instruments from Boerse Frankfurt - 11.04.2022 -1-

Release date: 11 Apr 2022

XFRA : Deletion of Instruments from Boerse Frankfurt - 11.04.2022 -1-

The following instruments on Boerse Frankfurt do have their last trading day on 11.04.2022
Die folgenden Instrumente in Boerse Frankfurt haben ihren letzten Handelstag am 11.04.2022

US7821834048 Federal Hydro-Generating Company PAO - RusHydro
US7785291078 Rostelecom PJSC Long-Distance and International Telecommunications
US69343R1014 Aeroflot - Russian Airlines PJSC
US3133542015 Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System PJSC
US3682872078 Gazprom PJSC
US0373763087 Mosenergo PJSC
US8766292051 Tatneft PJSC
XS1760804184 Belarus, Republik of...
XS1721463500 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS1521039054 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS2243631095 Gaz Finance PLC
XS2291819980 Gaz Finance PLC
XS0114288789 Russische Foederation
XS0088543193 Russische Foederation
XS2196334671 Gaz Finance PLC
XS0971721963 Russische Foederation
XS0971721450 Russische Foederation
RU000A0JTK38 Russische Foederation
XS1041815116 RZD Capital PLC
XS0906949523 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS0885736925 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS2243636219 Gaz Finance PLC
XS2243635757 Gaz Finance PLC
XS0997544860 GPN Capital S.A.
CH1100259816 RZD Capital PLC
CH0419041618 RZD Capital PLC
XS2010030919 ALROSA Finance S.A.
XS2120882183 Belarus, Republik of...
XS2120091991 Belarus, Republik of...
XS2010044548 Chelpipe Finance DAC
XS1904731129 Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus JSC
XS2157526315 Gaz Finance PLC
XS2124187571 Gaz Finance PLC
CH1120085688 Gaz Finance PLC
XS2363250833 Gaz Finance PLC
XS2408033210 Gaz Finance PLC
XS0767473852 Russische Foederation
RU000A0JU4L3 Russische Foederation
RU000A0JSMA2 Russische Foederation
XS2271376498 RZD Capital PLC
CH0522690715 RZD Capital PLC
XS1843437036 RZD Capital PLC
XS0316524130 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS0191754729 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS0830192711 GPN Capital S.A.
XS1843441731 ALROSA Finance S.A.
XS1634369224 Belarus, Republik of...
XS1634369067 Belarus, Republik of...
XS0805570354 Gaz Capital S.A.
XS2318748956 RZD Capital PLC

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