New ETF issuer Case Invest issues sustainable ETFs and invests exclusively in accordance with strict ethical and ecological criteria

01 Dec 2023

New ETF issuer Case Invest issues sustainable ETFs and invests exclusively in accordance with strict ethical and ecological criteria An interview with Case Invest

You are known for active fund management. What prompted you to list the first active ETF on Xetra? 

The Sustainable Future ETF will be launched under Case Invest SICAV. Case Invest only issues actively managed Article 9 ETFs. We firmly believe that true sustainability is best achieved through active management, as there is no index that fully meets our strict sustainability standards. It is therefore essential for us to actively select and analyse each stock in depth. By implementing this approach in an ETF format, we not only provide the desired transparency in line with our sustainability principles, but also achieve high cost efficiency. This innovative approach enables a new level of accountability and insight into the world of sustainable investing. By listing on Xetra, we can benefit from high visibility and accessibility for a broad range of European and international investors.

What characterises your first Active ETF and are you planning further Active ETFs?

As an Article 9 fund, the ETF focuses on sustainability and transparency and invests exclusively in accordance with strict ethical and ecological criteria. Sustainability is clearly defined - the achievement of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals encompass environmental as well as societal and social goals and thus form a standardised basis for assessment. The ETF aims to make long-term investments in companies that contribute to the transformation to a more sustainable and socially responsible world through a high level of innovation, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. We always endeavour to be innovative and continuously adapt to the market environment, which is why ETFs are an interesting way to expand our product range. To maximise transparency, an individual sustainability report is published on our website ( for each company in the portfolio.

What opportunities, but also challenges, do you see for issuers and investors in the area of sustainable products in the near future?

We see the main challenge in the area of sustainable products in adapting to regulatory requirements and standardising sustainable investment approaches. In our view, sustainable funds are often difficult to compare with each other, which poses an additional challenge for investors. They have to navigate their way through a large number of products with different sustainability standards, which makes decision-making more difficult. In this context, we endeavour to create maximum transparency and clarity in our sustainable investment products in order to meet both regulatory requirements and the needs of our investors.

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