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Eurex takes its ESG offering to a global level

The products will use MSCI’s ESG screened index suite, covering USA, World, EM, EAFE and Japan.

New York

STOXX and Eurex expand ESG footprint to cover US Market

STOXX USA 500 ESG-X Index as underlying for listed futures on Eurex licensed.


Eurex Clearing clears first €STR swap trades

Important milestone in establishing €STR as the new benchmark risk-free rate.


Xetra trading calendar 2020

The trading and settlement calendar with the non-trading days for 2020

Bull & bear

Free execution for ETF savings plans

Deutsche Börse is now offering a free execution service for ETF savings plan orders on Xetra.


Deutsche Börse Group operates on-exchange markets for equities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), bonds and numerous other products for the two trading venues Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt. The Group also facilitates trading of derivatives on Eurex Exchange – i.e. contracts derived from other assets or reference values (including equities, indices, German and European government bonds, and foreign exchange). These also include a variety of products of the European Energy Exchange, which include not only energy (e.g. electricity) but also energy-related products (e.g. emission allowances) as well as commodity products (e.g. agricultural products). 360T® operates an off-exchange (over-the-counter, OTC) trading platform for financial instruments such as foreign exchange, money market or interest rate products.

Our brands: Xetra®, Börse Frankfurt, Tradegate, Eurex®, European Energy Exchange, 360T®

Tradable instruments

Market movement

With around 2,500 instruments, the list of all tradable instruments gives a good overview of the products tradable on Xetra.

The trading venue to suit your trading needs

Trading floor

Equities, ETFs, structured products, fixed income, power commodity derivatives, repo, FX and more.

Trading the benchmarks


We provide an extensive range of products, including some of the world's most heavily traded derivative contracts. Our aim is simple - to make trading, hedging and risk management easier for anyone with exposure to the financial markets.

EEX Group


EEX Group provides market platforms for energy and commodity products across the globe and provides access to a network of more than 600 trading participants. The group offers contracts for energy, environmental products, freight, metal and agriculturals as well as clearing and settlement and registry services.


Xetra-Gold® provides investors with an efficient instrument to participate in the performance of the gold market. Xetra-Gold’s combination of features – cost-efficient trading and the right for physical delivery of gold – makes it an attractive product.