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Current trading statistics

Deutsche Börse Group provides shareholders and analysts with comprehensive continuous information about its business development. On this page, you will find the most recent monthly trading statistics and business performance figures as an easy and convenient download.

The file “Monthly business figures” provides you with the latest business volumes of the nine reporting segments. The documents will be available as from the second week after the reporting month.

Additionally, the attached Excel file “Monthly business figures (historic)” provides you with historic figures of the respective segments.

Eurex – financial derivatives



OTC clearing


EEX – commodities


Xetra – cash equities


* ETFs (exchange-traded funds), ETCs (exchange-traded commodities), ETNs (exchange-traded notes)

Clearstream – post trading, IFS and GFS


*ISF (Investment Fund Services), GSF (Global Securities Financing, collateral management)

STOXX – index business



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