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Election process

Election process

The Election Committee has determined 28 November 2019 as the election date.


The dates of the current election process are based on the exchange regulation.

The table below gives you an overview of the schedule.


Election procedure
16 August 2019Election announcement
16 August 2019 –
7 October 2019
Due request for submission of nominations
21 October 2019 –
25 October 2019
Publication of voter lists
1 November 2019Final date for raising objections to the voter lists
starting 4 November 2019Mailing of election documents
28 November 2019Election date
4 December 2019Publication of election result
23 January 2020Constituent meeting

Postal vote

The election will be conducted by secret postal vote.

The postal voting documents will be sent to eligible companies in due time prior to the election date and must be received by the Election Committee until the day of the election on 28 November 2019. They can either be sent by post or they can be submitted to the office of the Election Committee. Voters must ensure that they submit their ballot papers in time to meet the deadline. Any voting documents received after the above-mentioned deadline cannot be considered. 

Voter lists

The following voter groups and subgroups ("groups") will hold the following number of seats on the Exchange Council of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

1. credit institutions – including securities trading banks – admitted
to exchange trading
a) cooperative credit institutions1 seat
b) credit institutions under public law        1 seat
c) other credit institutions including the securities trading banks6 seats
2. capital investment companies admitted to participation
in exchange trading
1 seat
3. financial services providers and other companies admitted
to participation in exchange trading
2 seats
4. specialists2 seats
5. insurance companies whose issued securities are admitted
to trading on the exchange
1 seat
6. other issuers of such securities2 seats
7. investors1)2 seats

1) Subject to their approval, the investor representatives will be nominated by the Election Committee and shall be by-elected by the newly elected Exchange Council with a simple majority of votes. This shall occur without undue delay, however not before the first meeting of the Exchange Council.

Franchise and voting right

All companies admitted to exchange trading as well as the companies whose securities are admitted to exchange trading at the beginning of the display of voter lists are eligible to vote. Companies that have lost their admission to trading on the exchange prior to the election day as well as companies whose securities are no longer admitted to trading on the exchange at such time lose their entitlement to vote.