T7 Börse Frankfurt simulation focus day today

21 Jul 2020

T7 Börse Frankfurt simulation focus day todayQuote Request Driven Trading

On the Focus Day “Quote Request Driven Trading” participants are requested to test the functionality by entering quote requests in following instruments:

  • Specialist BALFR: XS1206541366, AT0000758305, DE000CP3S5F3, LU0028119013
  • Specialist UHEFR: DE0001135481, AU3CB0223519
  • Specialist ICFFR: DE0001134922, AT0000BAWAG2, DE0008471301, DE000VL3TBC7
  • Specialist MWBMU: DE0005070908, DE000DL19SH3
  • Specialist RELFR: AT000B049788, SE0004517290
  • Specialist SPAFR: DE0005196232, DE000A0GNPZ3
  • Specialist SEYFR: DE0005221303, DE000A19S4V6
  • Specialist WSTFR: DE0006614035, DE000A1KRJU8
  • Specialist BFVBL: AT000000STR1, FI0009000681
  • Specialist WALFR: AU3CB0246676, DE000A14KJF5

Participants are requested to test the system behaviour on their side. 

More details on the focus days are available in the T7 Release 8.1 Participant Simulation Guide, available on the website.

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The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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