REMINDER: Changes of Multicast Addresses and Partition ID for some ETF Instruments currently on Partition 59

14 Jan 2020

REMINDER: Changes of Multicast Addresses and Partition ID for some ETF Instruments currently on Partition 59Effective on Monday, 20 January 2020

As previously announced in Circular 084/2019, Deutsche Börse is planning to move approximately 250 ETF instruments currently located on partition 59 to partition 57. The affected instruments will also receive new multicast addresses for the dissemination of Market Data via the EOBI market data interface. The multicast addresses for the MDI and EMDI market data interfaces will remain unchanged. For more details regarding the changes, please refer to the aforementioned circular. The link to the circular is contained in the "Related topics" section below. 

Following the instrument move, the T7 8.0 Production System will be available on Saturday 18. January between 11:00 CET and 13:00 CET to provide access to the reference data for the business day 20. January via the Reference Data Interface (RDI) and Reference Data File (RDF) on the Common Report Engine (CRE) and in the Member Section. During this time the system will run unattended and no support will be provided. The T7 Release 8.0 production system will subsequently be shut down again.

As the T7 8.0 production system will be re-started before Monday morning, the initial reference data file for the business day 20 January 2020 will be re-generated. Participants are recommended to use the initial reference data provided following the system start for 20. January 2020.

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