Publication of updated T7 Release 8.0 ETI documentation for the T7 Börse Frankfurt migration

15 Jan 2020

Publication of updated T7 Release 8.0 ETI documentation for the T7 Börse Frankfurt migrationUpdate of the T7 Release 8.0 ETI software in the T7 8.0 Pre-Production and T7 8.0 Simulation Environments

As previously announced in the Cash Market Readiness Newsflash from 27. November 2019, updates to the interface documentation for the Börse Frankfurt migration were envisaged for mid/end January. Deutsche Börse would now like to inform Members that updates to the T7 Release 8.0 production version of the Enhanced Trading Interface (ETI) Cash Message Reference, XML representation (v.8.0.1 - C0004) and the schema files have now been published on the Xetra website under the following link:

Technology > T7 trading architecture > System documentation > Release 8.0 > Trading Interfaces

The exact details of the changes which have been implemented with the updated version of the interface (V8.0.1) and which are relevant for the Börse Frankfurt migration only, can be found in the change log on page 329. Full backwards compatibility for both cash and derivatives markets ETI clients implementing interface version v8.0 is provided and therefore no further action for these clients is required. The updated version of the software will be applied to the T7 8.0 Pre-Production and T7 8.0 Simulation environments from 31. January 2020 onwards. Please note that no further changes either to the T7 8.0 Market and Reference Data interfaces or also to the T7 8.0 FIX Gateway interface have been made.      

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