Publication of T7 Release 8.0 Documentation for Cloud Simulation

08 Aug 2019

Publication of T7 Release 8.0 Documentation for Cloud SimulationPublication of ETI, FIX and Market Data Interfaces documentation (pre-simulation version)

The following T7 documentation has been published:

     Enhanced Trading Interface:

  • T7 Release 8.0 Enhanced Trading Interface - Manual v1.0
  • T7 Enhanced Trading Interface - Derivatives Message Reference v.8.0 - D0001
  • T7 Enhanced Trading Interface - Cash Message Reference v.8.0 - C0001
  • T7 Enhanced Trading Interface - XSD XML representation and layouts

     FIX Gateway:

  • T7 FIX Gateway FIX 4.2 and 4.4 Manual v.8.0
  • T7 FIX Gateway - Repository v.8.0
  • T7 FIX Gateway - Fiximate v.8.0

Market and Reference Data Interfaces:

  • T7 Market and Reference Data Interfaces - Manual v.8.0.0
  • T7 Market + Reference Data Interfaces - XML FAST Templates - FIXML schema files v.8.0.0
  • T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface - Manual v.8.0.0
  • T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface - XML Representation v.8.0.0

Please Note: This is the Pre-Simulation Version of the documentation intended for T7 Cloud Simulation participants.

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