XETR : Order Management Service is down: On-Exchange Trading in Partition 57 not possible, please check Newsboard for further information

Release date: 25 Sep 2020

XETR : Order Management Service is down: On-Exchange Trading in Partition 57 not possible, please check Newsboard for further information

650 products affected: 000ETF062, 000ETF065, 000ETF066, 000ETF075, 000ETF077, 000ETF078, 000ETF508, 000ETF509, 000ETF530, 000ETF570, 0LJI, 0LJJ, 10AK, 10AL, 10AM, 18M0, 18M1, 18MU, 18MW, 18MX, 18MY, 18MZ, 1FC, 1NBA, 2B7F, 2B7J, 2B7K, 2EM, 2FE, 2FI, 2M6, 36B3, 36B4, 36B6, 36BY, 3DEL, 3DES, 3E3M, 3E3S, 3QQQ, 3QSS, 3RB, 3SUR, 540Q, 5CH5, 5CH6, 5X60, 5X61, 5X62, 5X63, 639, 6PSA, 6PSC, 8520, 8521, 8522, 8523, ABS2, AEND, AENF, AFIN, AFIX, AHOG, AHYE, AIL, ALQD, ANGA, APM, ARRD, ARRJ, ASG, ASME, ASMF, AUS, AW1R, AXA, AYEM, AZ2, B7J, BBCK, BBUD, BBUS, BBVA, BBZA, BCY, BMT, BNP, BNXG, BOY, BPE, BPE5, BSD2, BSN, BTQ, C006, C007, C010, C020, C022, C023, C024, C029, C030, C031, C032, C033, C060, C090, C099, C128, C2BC, C540, CAB3, CAR, CB3G, CBHD, CD47, CD48, CD91, CEM1, CEM2, CGB, CRIN, D3V3, D500, D5BB, D5BC, D5BE, D5BG, DBX0, DBXB, DBXF, DBXG, DBXH, DBXK, DBXM, DBXN, DBXP, DBXQ, DBXR, DBXT, DBZB, DBZN, DE5A, DEAM, DECR, DFOB, DLG, DX22, DXS1, DXSM, DXSQ, DXST, DXSU, DXSV, DXSW, DXSZ, E044, E129, E15G, E15H, E2F, E571, E572, E573, E905, E960, EBO, ECBC, ECBD, ED4, EDM4, EDM6, EDMF, EDMJ, EDMU, EDMW, EFNT, EFQ2, EFQ8, EFRN, EHBA, EHBD, EL41, EL44, EL45, EL46, EL48, EL49, EL4C, EL4D, EL4E, EL4I, EL4J, EL4K, EL4L, EL4M, EL4N, EL4P, EL4Q, EL4R, EL4S, EL4T, EL4U, EL4V, EL4W, ELFD, ELFW, ELQC, EM1C, EMND, EMNE, EMNJ, EMNU, ENI, ENL, EQEU, ERCA, ERCB, ERCG, ERO1, ESGE, ESGU, ESGW, ESP0, EUHA, EUHI, EUIN, EUN3, EUN4, EUN5, EUN6, EUN8, EUN9, EUNA, EUNH, EUNR, EUNS, EUNT, EUNU, EUNW, EUNX, EXC, EXHA, EXHB, EXHC, EXHD, EXHE, EXHF, EXVM, EXX6, FAA, FAEU, FAHY, FEUQ, FGEQ, FGEU, FRC3, FRC4, FRCJ, FRCK, FRNE, FRNH, FRNU, FRU, FTE, FTE1, FUSA, FUSD, FUSU, FYEM, G2XJ, GFEA, GMVM, GOB, GS7, GUI, GZF, HAP1, HBC1, HDLV, HLG, HMSB, HNK1, HY3M, IBC2, IBC5, IBC7, IBC9, IBCA, IBCD, IBCI, IBCL, IBCM, IBCN, IBCQ, IBCS, IBCY, IBE1, ICFP, ICW5, IES, IEVD, INN1, INNA, IQQ1, IQQ8, IQQG, IQQP, IQSA, IQSE, IS04, IS06, IS0D, IS0L, IS0M, IS0P, IS0Q, IS0R, IS0S, IS0X, IS0Y, IS0Z, IS31, IS3B, IS3C, IS3F, I...

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Parts of the trading system are currently experiencing technical issues

The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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The market status window is an indication regarding the current technical availability of the trading system. It indicates whether news board messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly.

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