XETR : Modification of Share Indices effective 21 March 2022

Release date: 18 Mar 2022

XETR : Modification of Share Indices effective 21 March 2022

For the following instrument the Product Assignment Group in Xetra (MIC: XETR) will change with effect from 21 March 2022:

Trading model: Continuous Trading

Instrument name Short code ISIN Product Assignment Group old Product Assignment Group new
Daimler Truck Holding AG DTG DE000DTR0CK8 MDX1 (partitionID 55) DAX1 (partitionID 51)
Beiersdorf AG BEI DE0005200000 DAX1 (partitionID 51) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
Hannover Rueck SE HNR1 DE0008402215 MDX1 (partitionID 55) DAX1 (partitionID 51)
Siemens Energy AG ENR DE000ENER6Y0 DAX1 (partitionID 51) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
RTL Group S.A. RRTL LU0061462528 SDX1 (partitionID 55) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
Sixt SE St SIX2 DE0007231326 SDX1 (partitionID 55) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
Sixt SE VZO O.N. SIX3 DE0007231334 SDX1 (partitionID 55) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
Siltronic AG WAF DE000WAF3001 SDX1 (partitionID 55) MDX1 (partitionID 55)
CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA COP DE000A288904 MDX1 (partitionID 55) SDX1 (partitionID 55)
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co HLE DE000A13SX22 MDX1 (partitionID 55) SDX1 (partitionID 55)
AUTO1 Group SE AG1 DE000A2LQ884 MDX1 (partitionID 55) SDX1 (partitionID 55)
adesso SE ADN1 DE000A0Z23Q5 GER0 (partitionID 55) SDX1 (partitionID 55)
Global Fashion Group S.A. GFG LU2010095458 SDX1 (partitionID 55) LUX0 (partitionID 56)

Open orders in the instruments affected by the changes listed will not be deleted.

For further information please call the Cash Markets Operations Helpline, tel. +49-69-211-1 14 00.

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