Change of settlement structure for ETFs of Vanguard Funds Plc

Release date: 28 Oct 2019

074/2019 Change of settlement structure for ETFs of Vanguard Funds Plc Xetra Circular 074/2019

1. Introduction

With this circular, we would like to inform you that the issuer Vanguard Funds Plc is planning a change of settlement structure for their Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) traded on Xetra (MIC: XETR) and Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) with effect from 11 November 2019.

2. Required action

There is no required action.

3. Details

The issuer intends to convert the ETFs listed below to the International Central Securities Depository (ICSD) model with effective date Monday, 11 November 2019. Following successful conversion, shares of these ETFs will be held in non-collective safe custody (NCSC). Short codes of the converting ETFs will remain unchanged.

All converting ETFs will remain CCP-eligible. Settlement of converted ETFs will take place on a Clearstream Banking Frankfurt International (“CBF-I”) 6-series account with settlement location “CBL”. Xetra trade confirmations, reports and contract notes will display “7525” as counterparty’s KV number and counterparty’s settlement account. The settlement account of Eurex Clearing will be “67525”.


  • Converting ETFs

Recipients:All Xetra® Members and Vendors
Target groups:Traders, Clearing, Security Administrators, General
Contact:Institutional Sales,
Authorized by:Michael Krogmann, Dagmar Wojcik (on behalf of the Management Board)

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