T7 Simulation: Increase in the number of partitions and change of the Partition ID for some products

Release date: 02 Feb 2024

006/2024 T7 Simulation: Increase in the number of partitions and change of the Partition ID for some products Xetra Circular 006/24 T7 Simulation: Increase in the number of partitions and change of the Partition ID for some products

1. Introduction

Deutsche Börse is planning to increase the number of partitions available in the T7 simulation environment (MIC: XETR) from five to six. Following the addition of the new partition (Partition 55), the existing non-German equities products, currently located on Partition 54, will be transferred to the new partition from the business day 16 February 2024 onwards.

The existing multicast addresses for the distribution of the market data via the EMDI, EOBI and MDI interfaces will remain unchanged. Participants with High-Frequency (HF) sessions (HF-sessions always use the partition-specific gateways) will be directly affected by these changes. The product reference data will be modified accordingly to reflect the new partition ID.

2. Required action

Moving products from one partition to another may lead to a scenario where GTC/GTD* orders entered and owned by one HF-session come to reside on two different partitions. As a HF-session session login is always partition-specific (via a partition-specific gateway), the respective owning session needs to login to the new partition to manage orders for products which have been moved. To manage orders for products which have not been moved, the owning session needs to login to the old partition.

Participants using partition-specific gateways may require additional HF-sessions for the new partition and must therefore ensure that they order them via the Member Section of Deutsche Börse Group.

* GTC = Good Till Cancelled; GTD = Good Till Date

3. Details

The following Product Assignment Groups currently on Partition 54 are affected:

Product Assignment Groups

PartitionID (old)

PartitionID (new)




The new IP addresses for the partition specific gateways for Partition 55 will be as follows: 


Active PS Gateway

Participant Connection

Standby PS Gateway

Participant Connection


Side A*

Side B

* updated on 16 February 2024

An updated version of the N7 Network Access Guide containing the above-mentioned changes will be available on the Xetra website www.xetra.com under the link:

Please note that Partition 55 will also be available in the T7 Disaster Recovery Environment and there will be an opportunity to test the new setup as part of the T7 Disaster Recovery Test on 16 March 2024. More information on the T7 Disaster Recovery Test can be found in Xetra Circular 002/24.

Further information


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Target groups:

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Technical Key Account Manager via your VIP number or cts@deutsche-boerse.com

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Xetra Circular 002/2024



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Frank Hoba, Oliver Grohmann

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