Member Section 2.0: New URL/link, 2-factor authentication, user-friendly navigation structure and user permissions

Release date: 21 Dec 2020

088/2020 Member Section 2.0: New URL/link, 2-factor authentication, user-friendly navigation structure and user permissionsXetra Circular 088/20

1.  Introduction

Following the announcement on the release of the Member Section 2.0 on 1 February 2021 with Xetra Circular 078/20, we would like to provide Deutsche Börse Cash Market clients with further information about the login process as well as services and user permissions.

2.  Requirements for participation

  • New URL/link to the Member Section 2.0

Member Section 2.0 will provide a single point of entry to information and services for all markets covered. Starting 1 February 2021, access to any of these markets will be available through a single login via the new URL: 1

Using the previous Member Section URLs will trigger an automatic redirect to the new URL. Underlying jobs, i.e. existing webservices, do not need to be changed until further notice, i.e. access to these services will not change.

  • 2-factor authentication

Member Section 2.0 will be equipped with a 2-factor authentication as part of the login to increase security for the user’s online activity. Your current login credentials will remain unchanged.

After login with your existing and active user account to the Member Section 2.0, you will automatically be asked to choose between e-mail or mobile phone authentication. Both ways will provide you with a One-Time Password (OTP) to enter the Member Section 2.0.

1  As before, content and services of the Member Section depend on the company's authorisation and the user's personal access permissions. 

3.  Details of the initiative

A. New URL/link to the Member Section 2.0, 2-factor authentication

From 1 February 2021, using the existing Member Section URLs will trigger an automatic redirect to the new URL to the Member Section 2.0. Access to underlying jobs, i.e. existing webservices, does not change until further notice.

Please find below an overview of current URLs which will be replaced by the new uniform URL to the Member Section 2.0:


Current Member Section URL

New Member Section 2.0 URL

Cash Market


Eurex Clearing

Eurex Repo

Clearstream Billing Portal

Regulatory Reporting Hub Member Section


For a detailed explanation of the new login and authentication procedure, please refer to the following resources: 

  • Video: 2-factor authentication with e-mail:  
  • Video: 2-factor authentication with mobile phone: 
  • Login Guide in Attachment 1

B. User-friendly navigation structure and user permissions

The overall navigation structure has been reviewed in order to provide users with a more intuitive navigation and quicker access to all services.

The Member Section 2.0 will provide all existing services and user permissions with personalised views, whereby users only see services they are entitled to use and/or view. 

All existing user permissions linked to an existing and active user account will be fully migrated without limitations, enabling you to enjoy improved usability and personalisation in the Member Section 2.0 immediately after the first login.

For further details, please see the documentation “Services and User Permissions” in Attachment 2.

C. Next steps

To make the transition as easy as possible, we will provide clients with further information by means of a final Xetra circular regarding the Member Section 2.0 in January 2021 about the following:

  • Detailed information about contact and account migration and contact maintenance

In addition, Deutsche Börse Cash Market will provide you with tutorial videos, user guides and an intuitive help-function as part of the Member Section 2.0 until roll-out.

For a preview of the new Member Section 2.0, please see our video:


  • 1 – Login Guide
  • 2 – Documentation “Services and User Permissions”

Further information


All Xetra® Members and Vendors, all users of the Cash Market Member Section

Target groups:

Traders, Technical Contacts, Security Administrators, System Administrators, Compliance, Nominated Persons, General

Related circular:


Xetra Circular 078/20

Contact:, tel. +49-69-211-1 78 88


 Cash Market Member Section

Authorised by:

Andreas Pée, Melanie Dannheimer

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