Introduction of additional currencies for trading foreign currency bonds at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Release date: 30 Apr 2021

028/2021 Introduction of additional currencies for trading foreign currency bonds at the Frankfurt Stock ExchangeXetra Circular 028/21

1.    Introduction

With the determination of the maximum premiums/discounts by the Management Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB®), the trading of foreign currency bonds at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MIC XFRA) in the currencies Colombian peso, Argentine peso and Philippine peso will be made possible.

The adjustments will become effective on 3 May 2021.

2.    Required action

For the conversion of transactions concluded in foreign currencies into the settlement currency euro, Specialists have to enter an exchange rate in line with the market using the binding quote (matching quote).

3.    Details of the initiative

In order to ensure the quality of the exchange rate, the Management Board of FWB has established the following requirements for the exchange rate:

For the currency pairs EUR/COP (euro/Colombian peso), EUR/ARS (euro/Argentine peso) and EUR/PHP (euro/Philippine peso), the exchange rate must be larger than or equal to the lowest bid price and less than or equal to the highest ask price, which is available in the market information system Bloomberg with the price source "Bloomberg Generic Price" - Local Market Trading Time London (BGN (L)) at the second of price fixing for the respective currency. 

It is possible to add (for ask price) and deduct (for bid price) from the bid and ask price according to the following table:

Settlement/Trading currency

Max. Premium/
Discount (absolute)









For more detailed information on the determination of the maximum deviation of exchange rates in trading of foreign currency bonds, please refer to Xetra circular 024/14.

If you have further questions or need more information, please contact your Key Account Manager.

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Xetra circular 024/14


Authorised by:

Michael Krogmann, Markus Ernst (on behalf of the Management Board) 

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