Extension of trading hours on Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) for shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds

Release date: 03 Aug 2021

057/2021 Extension of trading hours on Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) for shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual fundsXetra Circular 057/21

1. Introduction

Effective 29 November 2021, the trading hours on Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) for shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds will be extended from currently 08:00 – 20:00 to 08:00 – 22:00 CE(S)T. 1

Prior to this, Eurex Clearing is introducing the new securities clearing platform "C7 SCS" which supports clearing services until 22:00 for Börse Frankfurt. Thus, for the first time in Germany, late trading of shares and ETFs/ETPs with Central Counterparty will be possible until 22:00. 

Production start: 29 November 2021

1 All times mentioned in this circular are CE(S)T.

2. Required action

Please take all necessary measures to support the trading hours extension for shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds on Börse Frankfurt. Please also review your post-trade processes with regard to the new requirements for the clearing of trades in shares and ETFs/ETPs that can be concluded until 22:00.

3. Details

With effect from 29 November 2021, in addition to Structured Products, shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds will also be tradable on Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) from 08:00 – 22:00 (previously 08:00 – 20:00). Trading hours for bonds, however, will remain unchanged at 08:00 – 17:30. 

The post-trading period for shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds, during which orders can be entered, modified and deleted, will be shortened analogously to that for Structured Products (22:00 – 22:04). For bonds, the post-trading phase will be extended to 22:04. T7 Entry Service entries (TES Type OTC) will be possible until 22:00, in the same way as for Structured Products in shares, ETFs/ETPs and mutual funds.

Planned trading time parameters for Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA):

The information is provided subject to a corresponding resolution of the Exchange Council of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB®) to determine the framework trading hours in the Exchange Rules and the resolution of the Management Board of FWB® to determine the specific trading hours. 

If you have questions or require further information, please contact your Key Account Manager or send an e-mail to client.services@deutsche-boerse.com.

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