T7 Production: Migration to new T7 GUI Download Servers and Landing Pages: Removal of all old links on 29 July 2022

Release date: 19 Jul 2022

036/2022 T7 Production: Migration to new T7 GUI Download Servers and Landing Pages: Removal of all old links on 29 July 2022Xetra Circular 036/22

1. Introduction

Final note

As of 23 February 2022, the T7 GUI Landing Pages used to launch the T7 GUIs were migrated to new servers. 

Following the timeline announced in Xetra circular 020/22, starting 4 July 2022, access to T7 Simulation GUIs is only possible via the new servers.

Based on the published timeline, all links to T7 GUIs for Production und Disaster Recovery will be removed from the old servers on 29 July 2022. From this day onwards, T7 GUIs for Production und Disaster Recovery can only be started from the new servers.

2. Action required

This change impacts all users of the T7 GUIs in each market and trading venue, accessing the T7 GUIs via Internet or via N7 Leased Line in any environment.

To ensure readiness for 29 July 2022, please ensure that all T7 GUI users in your company launch the T7 GUIs from the new servers. Please make sure that the names (FQDN) of the new servers can be resolved in your network (i.e. by DNS) and that no firewalls are blocking access to the new servers.

3. Details

The details for all required steps can be found in full detail in Xetra circulars 009/22 and 020/22 and in Xetra Newsflash from 31 March 2022.

A complete overview of the URLs of all new T7 GUI Landing Pages can be found in Xetra circular 009/22, as well as in the document “N7 Network Access Guide“ which can be found on www.xetra.com following this path:

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Xetra circulars 009/22 and 020/22

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Xetra Newsflash from 31 March 2022




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