DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG

DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG

Information on First Quotation

New Company (Regulated Market)
Transparency Standard on First Quotation:
Prime Standard
Transaction Type:
New Issue
First Trading Day:
04 Dec 2018
Bearer shares without par value
Offering Period:
23 Nov 2018 - 29 Nov 2018
Issuing Method:
Fixed Price Procedure
Bookbuilding Range:
Subscription Price:
€ 12.00
First Price:
€ 12.30
Leading Underwriter:
Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers Aktiengesellschaft

Sole Global Coordinator & Joint Bookrunner:
Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers Aktiengesellschaft

Joint Bookrunner:
MainFirst Bank Aktiengesellschaft

Placement Volume excl. Greenshoe:
€ 45,600,000.00
Placement Volume in Shares excl. Greenshoe:
Placement Volume incl. Greenshoe:
€ 52,440,000.00
Placement Volume of Executed Greenshoe:
Placement Volume of New Shares:
Placement Volume of Existing Shares:
Greenshoe in Shares:
Greenshoe Executed in Shares:
Priority Allocation:

As part of the Offering, the Company has set up a preferential allocation program (the
"Preferential Allocation") for the benefit of employees of the Group, employed and tax
resident in Germany, as well as certain members of the Management Board in the total
amount of up to 35,000 New Shares at the issue price of EUR2.00 per New Share. In the event
that the New Shares are not fully placed, the number of New Shares allotted under the
Preferential Allocation will be adjusted accordingly. All New Shares granted pursuant to the
Preferential Allocation will be subject to a lock-up period of 24 months beginning on the first day of trading of the Company's shares.

Allocation friends & family:
0.00 %
Capital Stock / Shares on First Quotation:
Total Market Cap on First Quotation:
€ 156,872,662.50
Market Cap (Free Float) on First Quotation:
€ 21,115,060.31
Free Float on First Quotation:
13.46 %
Change First Price compared to Issuing Price:
2.50 %
Further Information:

Information on shareholder structure acc. to the prospectus and without the Greenshoe option in the first instance.

Number of Shares in Lockup Period


Shareholder Structure on First Quotation

NameBefore IPOAfter IPO
SK Beteiligungen GmbH / Dr. Stefan M. Knoll31.48 %22.10 %
Erbengemeinschaft Vogel / Community of Heirs31.14 %21.86 %
Luca Pesarini25.56 %17.95 %
ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A. / Luca Pesarini10.02 %7.04 %
Dr. Hans-Werner Rhein1.80 %1.26 %
VPV Lebensversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft0.00 %16.33 %
Public Float0.00 %13.46 %

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