Datum: 20. Dez 2019


Deutsche Boerse AG decided on changes of the composition of share indices.
Consequently, the following changes in Xetra trading (MIC: XETR) will come into effect on 23 December, 2019:

Trading model: Continuous Trading
Instrumentenname Kuerzel ISIN Prod. Assignm. Group old Prod. Assignm. Group new Partition ID old Partition ID new
TeamViewer AG TMV DE000A2YN900 GER0 MDX1 59 58
Varta AG VAR1 DE000A0TGJ55 SDX1 MDX1 55 58
1&1 Drillisch AG DRI DE0005545503 MDX1 SDX1 58 55
Fielmann AG FIE DE0005772206 MDX1 SDX1 58 55
Comdirect Bank AG COM DE0005428007 GER0 SDX1 56 55
Steinhoff Internatl Hldgs N.V. SNH NL0011375019 SDX1 LUX0 55 57
Baywa AG BYW DE0005194005 SDX1 GER0 55 56
Baywa AG Vink. NA BYW6 DE0005194062 SDX1 GER0 55 56

As a result of these changes, the multicast addresses and/or partitionID for the affected instruments will also change, e.g. instruments to be included in the MDAX index will receive the same multicast address / partitionID as other instruments in the MDAX index.
Open orders in the instruments affected by the aforementioned changes will not be deleted.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Xetra Trading Helpline,
tel. +49-69-211-1 14 00.





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