Segregation Set up

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04 Sep 2020

Elementary Clearing Model by Asset - Segregation Setup


03 Apr 2020

ISA for DC Market Participant - Segregation Setup


01 Jan 2020

Upload Sheet Flex Accounts for DC Market Participants/DCs

The Excel file "Upload Sheet Flex Accounts" is used by Clearing Members (CM) to request extended agent accounts (Flexible Accounts) in the C7 production and simulation environment on behalf of their DC Market Participants/Disclosed Clients (DCs). The same file is also used to request the setup of extended agent accounts (Flexible Accounts) for OTC IRD. Please ensure to choose the right clearing model by clicking on the respective link on the start sheet of the Excel file. Changes on mandatory and optional fields due to legal requirements might occur in upcoming versions.


12 Jun 2019

ISA Direct Segregation Setup


29 Jan 2019

Elementary Clearing Model CASS - Segregation Setup


04 Aug 2016

Upload Sheet Flex Accounts for BCMs


Information Memoranda

20 Jan 2020

Quick Reference Guide - Clearing model change