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Value added

Value addedBreakdown of company performance

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Deutsche Börse Group’s commercial activity contributes to private and public income – this contribution is made transparent in the value added statement.

Value added1) is calculated by subtracting depreciation and amortisation as well as external costs from the company performance. In 2018, the value added by Deutsche Börse Group amounted to €2,028.3 million (2017: €1,974.8 million). The breakdown shows that large portions of the generated value added flow back into the economy: 25 per cent (€509.8 million) benefit shareholders in the form of dividend payments, while 41 per cent (€824.0 million) was attributable to staff costs in the form of salaries and other remuneration components. Taxes accounted for 15 per cent (€304.3 million), while 2 per cent (€47.5 million) was attributable to external creditors. The 17 per cent value added that remained in the company (€342.7 million) is available for investments in growth initiatives, among other things.

1) According to “Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon”, value added is the economic performance generated by the different business areas.