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Customer governance

Customer governance

For Deutsche Börse Group, having a trust-based working relationship with its customers in development and decision-making processes is extremely important. In a variety of advisory bodies and working committees, Deutsche Börse Group employees and capital market representatives cooperate in initiatives to work towards strong, transparent and sound financial markets.

Customer governance bodies include, on the one hand, the supervisory boards of the subsidiaries and the exchange councils established under public law and, on the other, a variety of advisory bodies and working committees set up by Deutsche Börse itself. The international composition of most of these bodies reflects the Group’s global customer base. Deutsche Börse develops new products and services together with market participants and customers and holds in-depth discussions with them about key decisions in the company. This reflects Deutsche Börse Group’s conviction that customers are its number one priority.

Deutsche Börse would like to thank all the members of these bodies for their hard work and commitment.

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