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Voter lists

Voter lists

In the period from 21 October 2019 to 25 October 2019, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., the Election Committee will publish lists of eligible companies for each voter group in the offices of 

Frankfurt Stock Exchange  
Börsenplatz 4
60313 Frankfurt

and in

the office of the Election Committee
Mergenthalerallee 61
65760 Eschborn.

The voter lists will also be available on this website. Upon request, the Election Committee will inform individual eligible companies about the allocation to the different groups in writing or electronically. 

Objections to the voter lists may be raised to the Election Committee  no later than the end of 1 November 2019. 

If an eligible company belongs to more than one group/subgroup, the the Election Committee shall ask the company to inform about the voter group for which it intends to vote until 1 November 2019. If the comany fails to do so, the Election Committee will determine the group in which the eligible company may submit its vote. If the allocation to a group changes after the preparation of the voter lists, the Election Committee will adapt the allocation as long as the voter lists are not yet published.

As of 16 August 2019, the Election Committee will publish preliminary voter lists on the Internet. Hence, companies eligible to vote may check their voter list entries in advance. If an eligible company belongs to more than one group/subgroup, it can inform the Election Committee already now about the group it intends to be counted to in the final voter lists. The Election Committee asks all companies eligible to vote to submit their amendments to the preliminary voter lists until 7 October 2019.