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With the Deutsche Börse Venture Network, Deutsche Börse AG is focusing its expertise on the private market and enables efficient access to capital from early to later stage growth and technology companies. With over 200 companies and more than 420 investors, the Deutsche Börse Venture Network is the leading ecosystem for growth financing in Europe.

Founded in 2015, the growth network today supports more than 200 young companies covering a wide range of sectors, which can be grouped into eight areas. Almost 120 companies (60 per cent) of them can be classified as technology companies in the narrower sense, with particularly high numbers in financial services, industrial & infrastructure, as well as IT, software & data.

The current uncertainties in the financial markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic also impact venture capital and growth financing for technology companies. The survey Investor sentiment on COVID-19 implications published by the Deutsche Börse Venture Network gives a clear indication of the sectors affected positively or negatively. According to the survey, the momentum and positive outlook are particularly strong for companies in the healthcare technology and B2B software sectors.

As for investors, the Deutsche Börse Venture Network currently has over 420 members, representing the entire range of relevant growth and technology investor types. Almost 75 per cent are traditional venture capital and private equity investors with a focus on scalable and technology-based business models. However, an increasing number of large companies and family offices are also tapping into direct or indirect investments in young growth companies.

The above-mentioned Investor sentiment on COVID-19 implications also highlights possible long-term changes in the venture capital and growth financing market. According to the survey, many respondents expect consolidation in the VC market and a significantly longer closing process for smaller financing rounds.

>> The full investor sentiment report and recommendations for start-ups can be found here: Investor sentiment on COVID-19 implications



Data source: Deutsche Börse AG                                                                               As at 30 June 2020

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